Steve Edwards, Technical Sales Manager, OCG Lighting

The high cost and inconvenience of maintaining high level lighting presents a continual challenge for warehouse owners and operators. Recognition is growing that LED technology, with long lifespans and low energy consumption, offers an attractive solution, which is why OCG Lighting’s latest LED lighting range is designed specifically for high bay usage.

OCG Lighting’s NeoBulb Epoch range of fixtures bring all of the benefits of high quality LED lighting – long, maintenance-free life, excellent efficiency and incredible durability – to high bay lighting. And with a return on investment of just over a year, the Epoch range offers is also a very cost-effective solution.

NeoBulb’s unique heat pipe design maintains a thermal junction temperature of less than 60ºC. This enables more than seven years of 24-hour continuous usage, dramatically reducing the need to shut down operations to change a light fixture. The result is continuous lighting with a decrease in annual running costs of up to 64%.

OCG Lighting’s Epoch range is designed specifically for the warehouse environment with the option to introduce intelligent controls, such as motion sensors, to achieve further energy and cost savings.

Compared to current lighting solutions, the range offers a real and immediate cost benefit. For a typical 5,000m2 warehouse running lights 24/7 warehouse owners can expect to immediately reap the rewards from OCG Lighting’s LED high bay lighting, with an annual energy and maintenance saving in the region of £20,000-£30,000, resulting in a return on investment in less than 1.4 years.

OCG Lighting’s Epoch range includes two products. The Epoch X operates at 170 watts and offers an equivalent light output to a 400 watt metal halide (which consumes 480 watts). The Epoch VIII operates at 140 watts, providing an ideal replacement for a 250 watt metal halide (which consumes 300 watts).

In addition to this significant energy saving, the Epoch range is maintenance free for 60,000+ hours negating the need for expensive re-lamping costs. The significant CO2 saving also helps reduce the high cost of carbon reduction commitments.

Suitable for warehouses, logistics operations, food manufacturing and distribution operations, OCG Lighting’s Epoch range is set to lighten the load for a whole host of industries. To find out more about the benefits LEDs can offer for your business please contact:

OCG Lighting

Steve Edwards, Technical Sales Manager

Tel: 07703 102200


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