British racking and shelving manufacturer, Apex Linvar, is launching their new mobile shelving product SpeedCell™ at the Logistics Link South event on 21-22 February at Sandown Park.

“The key feature of the SpeedCell system is it’s unique flexibility. With thousands of products using the system and interest from hundreds of business professionals, in diverse sectors including high-tech, retail, automotive and logistics there’s a real opportunity for customers to make genuine savings and improve productivity” comments Anthony Finlayson-Green, newly appointed CEO, Apex Linvar.

“Case studies have shown that utilising the SpeedCell system allows more products to be stored in less space, reducing warehouse travelling distances by up to 65%, and when storage space is key and speed of distribution critical SpeedCell provides the answer” continues Finlayson-Green.

SpeedCell is a vertical shelving accessory designed to work together with pallet racking. SpeedCell consists of a collection of textile columns, each containing its own custom or standard sized shelves. The columns hang from a track system mounted to pallet support bars above. SpeedCell transforms racking bays into high density storage modules that allow quick and easy access to every item that is stored.

The system works inside the ground floor of pallet racking, providing a large number of easily accessible storage locations which can fill the entire volume of each bay. Vertical shelving columns, supporting loads of up to 100kg each, are mounted in the system which supports in excess of 2000kg per bay.

The track arrangement provides a simple, yet effective mobile storage mechanism, with shelving columns moving aside with a gentle push to reveal fully stocked and accessible columns behind them.

Anthony Finlayson-Green summarises “Utilising SpeedCell eliminates unused or ‘dead’ space, improves performance of warehouse space, maximises access to products for staff and is safe, easy to install and multi-purpose. We are confident this unique product will revolutionise the market.”

Businesses interested in discussing a FREE NO OBLIGATION trial should contact:

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