Welcome to the 1st March Warehouse & Logistics News. We’ve had our fill of below-zero temperatures and snow for one winter, thank you: step outside the warehouse and you’ll notice the evenings drawing out and the bulbs coming up. As March begins we’d like to wish all our Welsh readers a happy St David’s Day, and celebrate with you and the rest of the United Kingdom the cheery thought that there are now officially just 20 days to go until spring starts.

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Our scheduled features in this issue are Pallet Focus, Warehouse Lighting and Warehouse IT. In our Pallet Focus we take a look at the world of pallets, including wood and plastic pallets, pallet suppliers, pallet pools, pallet management, pallet inverters and all other associated products. In Warehouse Lighting we shine a light on smart lighting solutions for today’s warehouses including LED, energy-efficient, long-life and sensor-activated systems. And in Warehouse I.T. we bring you the latest input on RFID, barcodes, readers, scanners, labels and handheld technology.

One conspicuous development on the Warehouse IT front is the new generation of hand held devices that are now available, robust enough to stand the knocks and bruises of warehouse life yet offering much the same ease of use, connectivity and functionality as top of the range mobiles.

Anyone reviewing their Warehouse Lighting arrangements needs to take into consideration the effect of recent improvements in warehouse efficiency, specifically high density and high level racking and faster materials handling. High racking in warehouses can reduce lighting levels by up to 50%. So any re-lay of a warehouse needs to be accompanied by a rethink of the lighting. With today’s heightened emphasis on safety and preventing accidents the bottom line is that forklift truck drivers need decent light to drive in, and as people get older their eyes deteriorate and they need more light to see.

Pallets have acquired a degree of glamour since Palletline’s Hilary Devey joined the Dragons on Dragons Den last year, and it was the highlight of WLN’s yuletide viewing when Hilary was on Graham Norton’s Christmas Show. When ‘Hills’ explained what she did, her fellow guest, the McFly drummer and ‘Strictly’ champion Harry Judd thought she was talking about the palates we taste with. Maybe Harry should read our Pallet Focus, before his band’s record sales dry up and he needs a job…

Have a successful month.

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