CASE STUDY 1: Wincanton

Streamlining coverage with MapMechanics’ OptiSite and GeoXploit

Industry sector: Supply chain/logistics

Wincanton, the major UK supply chain solutions organisation, provide contract logistics and distribution to customers in many different industry sectors. They invested in MapMechanics’ logistics software when they switched their previous vehicle routing and scheduling (VRS) to TruckStops, for their milk collection operation: “We were aware that other companies in our market were using it, and wanted to be sure we had the benefit of having the most appropriate tool for the purpose.”

At the same time they also started to use the OptiSite network planning and territory management system to help define depot coverage boundaries more efficiently and streamline the operations of depots whose catchment areas overlap. Wincanton also use MapMechanics’ GeoXploit Logistics solution to visualise and plan operational networks. GeoXploit Logistics replaced an older TruckStops

Professional module and is often used by VRS users to analyse their operation more strategically, for example identifying how many farms over a certain size lie within a certain distance from a given depot.

Wincanton’s roots are in the dairy industry, and they collect over one billion litres of milk per annum from farms across the UK and Ireland. Wincanton leads in the development of best practice in milk collection, and achieves best in class service levels, from collection and delivery in time, to compliance to specialist milk type handling requirements and milk sampling. Wincanton are passionate about reducing the environmental impact of operations at the same time as improving efficiency. To support this goal they seek to lower both costs and carbon emissions by reducing miles, supported by MapMechanics’ market leading territory management solutions.

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