Corrugated board and box manufacturer CBS Packaging has returned to Mosca for a new pallet press and stretch wrapper.

The deal underlines Mosca’s position as favoured supplier to CBS Packaging, a leading UK corrugator and family-run business which puts its emphasis on top quality and customer care.

To coincide with a move to a new factory, CBS has purchased a Mosca KCR121-18 Pallet Press, which incorporates Mosca’s SoniXs head technology featuring two sealing heads and can process up to 120 double strapped pallets an hour under compression, when operating in a standard layout.

The layout of the new building provided CBS with an opportunity to install a 100m long conveyor linking the rear of two casemakers and a four-colour rotary die-cutter to the new Mosca pallet press. Output from another recently-ordered die-cutter will also pass via the same powered conveyor, through to the same pallet press.

In addition, CBS has also bought a Mosca WAH4 Stretch Wrapper; a fully automatic stretch wrapping machine with rotating arm which offers a capacity of up to 70 pallets per hour.

Mosca’s SoniXs, as featured on the KCR121, uses ultrasonic technology to make consistent, secure strap seal. It is fast, clean creating no smoke or plastic build-up as with heater based systems, and is much simpler mechanically, with less inertial motion than either heater or friction based sealing systems.

SoniXs can seal either PP or PET strap with no parts changes, enabling users to optimise strap use based on package requirements rather than on machine limitations.

The use of ultrasound technology to weld strap ends together creates zero emissions. But it also offers a working life up to 50 per cent longer than a heat-sealing head and can reduce component cost by as much as 80 per cent.

Mosca SoniXs strapping heads feature an innovative construction in the strap gripping and cutting areas. The mechanisms are designed as levers rather than the conventional plungers in most strapping heads. All bearings are sealed and offset from the strap sealing area. The result is that there is no collection point for dirt and dust, which combined with the ability of the sealed mechanism to operate in a dirty environment, provides a much reduced service requirement for the strapping heads. The service interval is longer and only a blowout is required rather than the disassembly, cleaning and reassembly needed on other strapping heads.

SoniXs is an on-demand system requiring power only during the sealing cycle, and the dc brushless motors and drives are maintenance free and low energy consumers, offering increased energy efficiency for users.

CBS Packaging already has two new Mosca MCB2 Squarer-Bundling machines, which it has moved into the new 160,000 sq ft factory.

Jitha Singh, Managing Director of CBS Packaging, says: “We have always found machines from Mosca to be reliable, backed up with excellent customer service, with engineers and parts based in the UK for prompt turn-around.

“As an ambitious company it is crucial for us that new machines enhance our offer further by improving our efficiency and reducing costs, without compromising on strapping performance.”

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