Welcome to the 1st February Warehouse and Logistics News. Perhaps we should rename this publication Warhorse and Logistics News, in honour of the new Steven Spielberg movie. More seriously, it would recognise the fact that the warehouse and logistics sector really IS the wonder horse of the business world, whipped on by its masters to jump over obstacles and run till it drops.

While you ponder the implications, in this issue we’ve got our two-monthly feature on Fork Trucks, taking in counterbalance trucks, side loaders, VNA, reach trucks and other specialist machines; and features on The Loading Bay, including doors, dock levellers and dock lifts, and Warehouse Flooring, covering floor preparation, maintenance, mezzanines and area markings.

While the emerging new fuel technologies are grabbing the headlines, the consensus in the forklift industry seems to be that these developments are still years away from meaningful acceptance and in the meantime truck users should concentrate more on reliable, recent technical improvements and common sense practices. In our Fork Truck feature, Chris Meinecke, Briggs Equipment’s Chief Operating Officer is quoted saying the forklift focus in the next few years should be on making existing systems more efficient, and reducing emissions and costs to customers over the lifetime of the machine.

Meanwhile, back to the warehouse and logistics sector being the warhorse of British industry. Like the splendid animal Joey in the movie, it is expected to go wherever it is commanded and carry on until you can say ‘job done.’ And people only appreciate the work the sector does when its existence is in danger. People don’t get sentimental about warehouse and logistics operations as they do about horses, except maybe the Eddie Stobart Fan Club, but that’s another story.

This warhorse metaphor will only stretch so far, of course – being a reputable publication we wouldn’t dream of saying that the captains of industry that warehouse and logistics professionals answer to are anything like the generals who blundered through WW1. That said, there probably are a few situations in business life, where through no fault of their own warehouse and logistics operations get caught in the wire in no man’s land like the horse in the movie. But that’s not for us to speculate about!

Happy reading.

Warehouse & Logistics News

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