Warehouse operators who need to handle loads between floors can install the free-standing Penny Hydraulics Mezz Lift in virtually any position without the need for modifications to the building or provision of additional services. Each MezzLift is designed and manufactured to the specific customer’s unique requirement. Penny Hydraulics offers delivery within four weeks of an order being placed.

The self-contained structure of the MezzLift is self-supporting so there is no need for expensive and disruptive building work while the 50mm closed height means there is no requirement to excavate a floor pit. The MezzLift is supplied with its own pump unit and there is no need for a separate motor room because the power pack is uniquely self-contained within the shaft. This ensures a compact design with minimal footprint without restricting the available storage space and working area. It is powered by a standard 240V 20A power supply. Models with higher ratings or powered by three-phase supply are available.

The MezzLift is designed and manufactured by Penny Hydraulics in the UK to handle loads of all shapes and sizes up to 500kg between multiple floors. Typical configurations include lifting heights up to and exceeding 4.0m and platforms to suit the items being handled or to work within the existing building layout. Robust construction ensures it can be installed indoors or out.

Loads can be transferred by a single person without any need for manual lifting or carrying bulky, large and heavy loads up and down stairs or ladders to reduce the risk of slips, trips, falls from height and handling related injuries. The design of the MezzLift allows it to be repositioned with minimal work if the handling requirement or layout of the warehouse changes.

Hydraulic power provides smooth and precise operation at 0.5m/s lifting speed. A unique hold-to-run or push button system promotes safety and stops the lift whenever the control is released. Additional safety features include overload protection and interlocked gates which prevent unauthorised access.

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