Dutch interlock specialist Netherlocks has now launched its new Interlock System Information (ISI) Touch Screen key management device. As a standalone unit or integrated into either a key cabinet or control panel, the ISI Touch Screen stores all relevant information about an interlock system in a digitised, centralised, user-friendly format that is easily accessible by any operator without a need for specialised training.

All relevant interlock keys are shown on screen, and simply touching them will display detailed information about the key itself and the related system: system name, operating sequence logic, P&ID and Location. Additional buttons are present for on-screen instructions, general interlocking information and Netherlocks contact details; company-specific content can also be added if desired. If a printer is connected, operating sequence instructions can even be printed out for future reference away from the console.

By making clear information about the lock system and safety procedures easily available to everyone in the workplace, the ISI Touchscreen helps to keep all workers well-informed to reduce confusion, enhance productivity and improve plant safety.

Netherlocks is a leading supplier of safety and valve control systems for major industrial operations as well as smaller firms.

Netherlocks BV

Frank Gielissen

Tel: +31 (0)172 471 339

Email: sales@netherlocks.com


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