CABKAN is a reinforced plastic material developed by Cabka GmbH, supplier of plastic pallets and containers headquartered in Weira, Germany. It has been created especially for manufacturing heavy-duty plastic pallets.

A modern combination of various additives gives precisely the special high stiffness and impact strength required for that application.

Thanks to their outstanding material characteristics, the new CABKAN pallets display extreme load bearing capacity even in high racks, and reliable stiffness at ambient temperatures up to 40°C. Up to now, these quality features could only be achieved with metal reinforcements.

Additionally, CABKAN pallets are distinguished by their very low creep behavior. Because they are injection molded, the material’s advantages are available at every point.

CABKAN pallets are completely recyclable, because they are produced from just one material. This is their big advantage over metal-reinforced pallets. Additionally, Cabka promises to take these pallets back if they are damaged or at the end of the product cycle. With this product development, Cabka makes another contribution to the increased industry-wide effort toward greater sustainability in load carrying processes.

Starting immediately, Cabka is offering some of its products in CABKAN.

An example is the euro-size CPP 888 logistics pallet: In a VDZ test (ISO 8611-1), the CPP 888 made of CABKAN reached a breaking load of 8 tons transversely and 10 tons lengthwise. This is significantly more than the required minimum load bearing capacity of 1,250 kg for high-bay warehouse applications. Thus the CABKAN CPP 888 is the economic alternative to hygienic food pallets for very high load demands.


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