Innervision, the specialist lease portfolio management company, has used its unrivalled experience and expertise to develop a flexible and cost efficient on-line system and service solution for lessees to manage, control and report on their leases more effectively. This unique offering will greatly assist lessees in the important lead up to the International Accounting Standards Board’s (IASB) proposed new Lease Accounting Regulations, which will require all leases to be included on company balance sheets.

Innervision currently manages more than 10,000 client leases on a global scale, contained within LOIS, Innervision’s online designed-for-purpose lease management, tracking and financial reporting system. The combination of LOIS and Innervision’s services improves client processes, increases efficiency and saves them a great deal of time and money.

Client and advocate, Ceri Ashton, Domino’s Pizza Property Accountant comments: “Using LOIS has improved our leasing management immensely. Prior to using LOIS, everything was manual and it took a long time to get any information. Our month and year end accounting processes were long and drawn out, but now, it is very quick and very easy.”


Commenting on the system and its recent upgrade, Innervision Director Vincent Baczor said, ”We developed LOIS six years ago as a tool to provide a quality specialist service to our clients. Because of the accounting rule changes, there is now a gap in the market for a system that stores and records lease data and documents in one place allowing accurate analysis, tracking and financial reporting of everything that is leased or rented, for all asset types and property.”

The most recent development is an extensive enhancement which introduces complete flexibility for the system to be tailored to each individual client to contain any information that they wish. Apart from critical lease management data, there is often a great deal more asset information that falls by the wayside. This can now be included within LOIS putting everything in one place and removing the need for expensive additional databases, or archaic spreadsheets. Extending the system to all locations and entities enables client data to be accessed online from anywhere in the world.


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