Hörmann anticipate another year dominated by developments for the retail sector. High profile projects for The Co-operative Group, Marks and Spencer and Amazon were completed in 2011, with new developments for Waitrose already planned for 2012.

Reducing carbon footprint and safety are the key elements of designs that have to deliver on operational and energy efficiency. Greater integration of systems and components has led to a number of step changes in the approach to loading bay design.

As a true one stop shop from consultation to design, installation and maintenance, Hörmann are at the fore-front of this change. New thinking is not just limited to the design of the loading area, such as the DOBO system, but also but also to the products and components used.  New product development is a key part of the on-going improvements in loading bay safety and design, as well as incorporating changes to operational practice.

Innovations introduced in the last year include, dock levellers with integrated RFID sensors, ThermoFrame, Dock Control and the integration of the light Grille non-contact safety device into high speed doors.

Integrating RFID sensors into dock levellers was a direct response to a need of the industry, reducing the risk of transponder damage by keeping them in a fixed, protected position and allowing any lift or pallet truck to be used to load vehicles.

ThermoFrame was a response to the need to improve thermal insulation, while the introduction of dock control and the integration of light grille were safety features developed to minimise the risks from the increased use of fast action doors in many operations.

Hörmann anticipate that the trend to partition and use better insulated, doors and designs for all loading areas will continue, as the savings delivered add to the efficiency of operations and help to reduce the carbon footprint of the supply chain.

New components are in the pipeline for single envelope cold stores and there is no doubt that other features such as Hörmann’s trip free wicket door will be included in future projects as they offer energy saving potential coupled to operational safety.

The key to success is working with customers to meet both their current and future needs, so that the designs and equipment chosen today, deliver the right results for many years to come with strong reliable performance.

Whatever your operation, Hörmann has the knowledge and expertise to add real value. Planning is the real key, so involving the team of project engineers at an early stage can pay real dividends in both the installation and construction, as well as for the long term.

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