“The new system is already making a colossal difference to the speed and accuracy of our order processing” says Cool-Stak managing director Richard Lockwood

Norfolk based Cool-Stak, a storage and distribution specialist for food importers into the UK has just expanded its ambient foods warehousing operation to 205,000 square feet with the acquisition of a second site – and installed market leading warehouse performance system DeltaWMS to underpin the company’s growth.

“The new system is already making a colossal difference to the speed and accuracy of our order processing, by eliminating input errors, with minimal keyboarding” comments Cool-Stak Managing Director Richard Lockwood. The company, which raises around a hundred multiple-product orders a day now has a warehouse performance, WMS technology environment that includes direct customer order input and tracking via a Delta web module. “Using DeltaWMS we can transfer orders electronically, and customers can view the status of their stock as well as the progress of their orders online, 24/7” Richard Lockwood adds.

“DeltaWMS technology enables warehouse operations to be continuously and measurably improved” says Delta Software managing director Lance Bennett. “It does this by managing and measuring warehouse inventory movement, interactively and in real-time to optimise productivity. The result is better business process and supply chain performance for WMS users”.

Founded in 1990 and headquartered in Wakefield, Yorkshire, Delta Software is the UK’s fastest-growing supplier of interactive warehouse performance management systems and a just-in-time technology innovator. The company’s ‘DeltaWMS’ flagship single- and multi-site systems are open-database, feature a unique, user friendly interactive warehouse management ‘graphical map’ and can be quickly and easily integrated into any ERP enterprise or smaller business environment.

Delta Software deploys its solutions throughout the UK and continental Europe, on-time and to-budget, providing rigorous fixed-price guarantees.

Delta Software


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