Cooks of Norwich has completed a bespoke installation of Hörmann’s new HS7030 high speed spiral door for Heatrae Sadia. The challenge for this installation was the limited space either side of the level access bay. Cooks resolved this issue by positioning the operating mechanism in the adjacent warehouse, cutting through the cladding of the building to maximise the door opening and keeping the operator away from the risk of impact damage.

The solution led approach that Cooks have taken is matched by Hörmann who continue to develop new products to meet real world needs. The HS7030 is a complete redesign of Hörmann’s original high speed spiral door, originally developed to replace the traditional two door solution of a high speed curtain for daytime access and a sectional door for night time security.

The new door adds 42mm thick CFC free polyurethane foam, which is used to add strength as well as both thermal and acoustic insulation. Unlike similar doors the double skinned panels are linked by hinges, which add greater stability, leading to even more reliable operation and increased service life.

For Heatrae Sadia, the new door means that heat loss is minimised, improving the working environment and saving money. Safety is also a key factor and like all Hörmann standard high speed doors the non-contact light grille safety device is integrated into the door frame. The device constantly monitors the door opening up to 2.5m high. If any of the light beams are broken the door will not operate reducing the risk of collisions.

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