Collinson are pleased to introduce the latest product to join our range; BIGDOOR™  hydraulically-operated doors for Industry, Agriculture and Aviation.

As a family company we have been designing and manufacturing innovative engineering solutions for the agricultural, industrial and commercial sectors since 1962, and BIGDOOR™ was developed as a result of our years of experience and understanding of our customer’s growing needs.

BIGDOOR™ is a hydraulic system which can be integrated within new builds or simply fitted into existing buildings. Easy to use and maintain, they are available in sizes ranging upwards from 3m (10’) wide (clear opening) and of heights up to 12m (40’) and can be clad with virtually any material to either match the rest of your building or to create a distinctive appearance.

All doors are designed, manufactured, installed and supported by Collinson within the U.K in accordance with wind loadings specific to your building location.

By installing BIGDOOR™ the contents of the building can not only be protected and hidden from view, but also remain accessible for vehicles loading and unloading where height is an important consideration. When opened the door does not retract into the building, therefore there is no loss of internal space or height. Furthermore, the substantial overhang the open door creates provides an invaluable protected external workspace, ideal for Agriculture, Warehousing, Logistics and Distribution and Waste/ Recycling industries.


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