The Midlands-based firm Chase Equipment Ltd, specialists in the design and manufacture of loading bay equipment from dock levellers through modular docks, scissor lifts, industrial doors, dock shelters and mobile yard ramps, ended the last year by delivering a 9000kg capacity modular loading dock scheme to Warwick Chemicals. The bespoke modular loading dock scheme is fitted with an electro-hydraulic dock leveller and marshalling area with access onto the modular dock by a static yard ramp.

As part of the contract Chase Equipment equipped the modular dock scheme with a 12 meters long safe access on both sides of the loading bay by means of a set of integrated rolling step units to allow safe working practices in securing of load, which was incorporated into the vehicle wheel guides. This design took into account the requirements of the articulated trailers in current operation. The unique elements of the project reflect Chase Equipment`s ability to provide a tailored solution in which the modular dock scheme was designed and installed to suit the customer specific parameters and also that of the overall building.

Warwick Chemicals commented: “Chase is a competent & reliable partner & has completed a number of projects on the Warwick site. In this case the design of the mechanism to ensure safe access for load trapping required both an intuitive & pragmatic approach. The installation itself was completed on-time to schedule.”

Derek Sweeney the Managing Director of Chase Equipment explains, “A modular dock is a great way to convert a building or outside area with no dedicated loading bays to allow it to be used for serious distribution. Tailored to your exact needs it provides a robust yet flexible/non-permanent solution for a ground-level operation. For a landlord, it increases the flexibility and possible uses of your units, increasing the opportunity to fill vacant units.”

If you want to equip a different location or need to alter the size of the dock the solution couldn’t be simpler. It’s a nuts-and-bolts job to move platform modules, and/or add or remove them as needed. A modular dock is as permanent or flexible as you need it to be.

According to Simon Willis the Operations Manager at Chase “A good modular dock system offers more than just a strong and secure platform. As the platform is by definition raised, access steps, ladders and handrails are available to prevent access accidents. Similarly, fork truck raves are offered to prevent forklift falls; buffers can also be fitted to absorb truck trailer impacts. Importantly, as the heights of truck load beds are rarely accurate to a few millimetres, integrated dock levellers are available to bridge the gap. Modular docks and scissor lifts also make ideal work partners.”

Chase Equipment Ltd

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