Intelligent Mast Design (IMD) is setting the standards for mast technology across the European material handling industry, according to CESAB Material Handling.

The European manufacturer’s long-standing commitment to the forklift mast as the key to safe and productive materials handling operations has been strengthened with the launch of its pioneering IMD concept. The smart, innovative features of IMD help to increase the lifespan of the truck, help forklift operators to work more easily and safely and achieve quicker, quieter and less stressful workplace operations.

Terry Stephens, General Manager of CESAB Material Handling UK: “IMD reflects our serious commitment to the mast, which CESAB has long recognised as the start and end points of its forklift truck design. It is a great example of our “passion for engineering” and as a standard feature on CESAB forklifts is making a significant difference for our customers. Trucks featuring IMD will enable safer and more effective materials handling operations in businesses across all industry sectors.”

CESAB has a team of specialist mast designers in Europe who are dedicated to developing masts that offer industry leading visibility, quietness and productivity.

Superior visibility is standard with IMD masts through using two FFL cylinders providing operators with superior forward vision through the mast. The good sight lines through the mast mean that operators do not need to adjust their position as often or move their head as frequently when positioning the forks. This helps them to achieve faster and more accurate stacking and loading and unloading operations, as well as increased comfort during long shifts.

The shorter mast profile of IMD also helps creates a more compact truck and together with a lighter counterweight, this reduces the truck weight, improves manoeuvrability and helps to maximize battery charge cycles. IMD also helps to reduce life time cost of CESAB forklifts by incorporating adjustable roller pads allowing for quick and easy maintenance.

Increased mast strength is achieved through a patented ‘double C’ mast profile, exclusive to the CESAB which delivers greater rigidity in the mast and increases stability. This means operators are much more productive and feel more confident when operating the forklift with loads at height.

Strength of the mast is further improved by using an optimised welding process in manufacturing, with different types of welding used for different points of the mast, results in a high strength, higher performance mast, with reduced stress and wear and greater protection against damage due to overload.

Quieter operation is achieved through a hydraulic brake effect during the lifting and lowering of the mast, which makes for smoother operating movements with reduced noise and vibration. This improves stability of loads and reduces fatigue and stress in the working environment for the forklift operator and colleagues.

CESAB Material Handling

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