Large clamp AGVs with soft tyres to drive on any floor condition.

Egemin Automation has successfully finished the FAT (Factory Acceptance Test) of the first of three of the largest clamp AGVs ever produced. The Automated Guided Vehicles will be used for a paper mill customer in the UK to stack and rotate large paper rolls up to 3 meter high and 2.5 meter wide. The laser-guided AGVs will be fitted with large soft rubber tyres which allow for driving on no matter what floor condition, boundary breaking in the AGV world. The first AGV is swapping Egemin’s workshop for its final destination on-site this week.

Full management of paper roll flow between warehouse and production

The AGV’s will manage the entire logistics flow of paper rolls between the paper machines, the vertical roll warehouse and the production machines. As soon as a new paper roll is ready for pick-up at the paper machines, the AGV software E’tricc® generates a transport order for an AGV to pick the roll and to bring it to the vertical roll warehouse. Here, rolls are stacked vertically four high up to 9 meters high. When a roll is needed in production, an AGV is sent back to the warehouse to retrieve the roll and to transfer it to the production machines in horizontal position.

Full warehouse management of paper rolls

The clamp AGV system comes with Egemin’s warehouse management software E’wms®, that will be used for the management of the logistics flow of paper rolls inside the mill. E’wms® will manage the locations, orders and inventory inside the warehouse and generate new transport orders. E’wms® takes care of the creation of new rolls coming from the machines, the inbound and outbound and return flows of rolls. In addition it also manages the quality status of the rolls. And last but not least Egemin will provide a direct interface between E’wms® and the customer’s SAP to report the inventory and paper roll consumption.

Soft rubber tyres approved for any floor condition

For default AGV applications specific floor specifications need to be taken into account to allow operation. Thanks to the use of large soft rubber tyres Egemin Automation was not bound to any floor conditions. This allowed the customer to keep his old existing floor. This flexibility leads to considerable cost and time savings. The AGVs navigate through the layout through a unique combination of coordinate-based laser navigation and natural target navigation resulting in extreme accurate load positioning during roll stacking.

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