Crisplant installed Turkey’s first automatic tray-handling system for mail processing at PTT’s postal sorting centre near Istanbul. The system uses the industry’s most energy-efficient sorter, which reduces energy consumption by 75 percent compared with conventional sorters through its innovative use of linear synchronous motors in the drive system.

Another essential element of this installation that sets it apart from others is that it is one of the first postal sorting systems of this type in the world to feature automatic x-ray screening of all incoming items, thus taking a most important step towards plugging this hitherto ignored gap in global security. Crisplant has supplied and integrated this safety and security system, which works to detect explosive material contained in mail items before they are inducted onto the sorter.

Crisplant has installed a complete automatic tray-handling system designed to increase security, efficiency and ergonomics, and to provide a safe working environment for PTT staff. The extensive installation, which processes trays with mail bags as well as mail carton boxes, has set a new benchmark for mail-processing automation and energy efficiency in Turkey.

At the heart of the system is the latest Crisplant high-speed, high-accuracy crossbelt sorter, the LS-4000CB, which will sort incoming and secured items and distribute them to the appropriate mail-sorting areas. Mailbags are placed in trays before they are inducted onto the sorter system, where they are scanned and sorted according to mail service needed, such as manual processing or automatic letter sorting. After the letter sorting, process bags in trays will be reintroduced onto the sorter for sorting to the 22 discharge chutes, from which they move directly to boom conveyors leading to the marshalling area.

The complete installation will be managed by Crisplant’s high-level control software, which ensures an optimum process flow as well as providing a high level of ergonomic efficiency. The control system provides a comprehensive overview of the sorting systems at all levels, with a complete user interface for the sorter control.

Following completion of the installation the system immediately handled more than 6,000 trays per hour, with an expansion to 8,000 trays per hour planned to meet predicted future increases in demand.


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