New SpeedCell shelving offers the potential for companies to make huge savings to their warehouse operations

Established storage and shelving manufacturer, Apex Linvar today announced a new range of dynamic, textile based mobile shelving products which bolt-on to pallet racking, named SpeedCell.

This innovative, new industrial shelving range was first revealed at last year’s ProMAT event in the USA and has since been utilised by companies including Abercrombie & Fitch, American Eagle and Caterpillar. SpeedCell is to be officially launched in the UK at the Logistics Link South event, in early 2012. SpeedCell is made up of vertical columns made from ‘technical’ textiles, each of which contains multiple shelves. Columns hang from a unique track system mounted at the top of the lower tier of pallet racking, allowing them to slide aside, revealing even more shelf-filled columns.

SpeedCell is designed to work as an add-on to traditional racking, transforming the lower floor of pallet racking into a fast hand-picking area. The system eliminates dead space to the rear of shelving, utilises flu space and its thinner, reinforced shelves give impressive storage density.

Despite appearing soft and light, the textile shelving columns are surprisingly strong and hard wearing. They are guaranteed for at least five years, but with correct usage, they could last much longer. Each SpeedCell column supports a 100kg load and with over 20 columns easily fitting into a standard 2.7m bay of pallet racking, that’s 2000kg!

Apex Linvar is working in partnership with long time US manufacturer, Holland Storage Systems (HSS) of Zeeland, Michigan, in order to offer SpeedCell as part of its range of storage and shelving solutions, commenting on the new product, Ron Kropveld, vice president of HSS said,

“SpeedCell offers the potential for companies to make huge savings to their warehouse operations. The system dramatically reduces staff travelling time by storing more items in less space.”

David Sheppard, General Manager at Apex Linvar is excited by the difference this new product can make to storage operations, commenting

“I feel that the potential for this product is still only just starting to hit me; rear of store, returns, engineering stores, parcel racks, goods in and despatch, the potential applications are endless.”

SpeedCell customers can choose from a wide range of streamlined options to help optimise storing their specific products. From custom sizes to varying shelving supports and many other shelf options, SpeedCell challenges the traditional idea of shelving while ultimately saving money for customers.

With over 70 years’ experience in the design, manufacture and installation of storage and handling systems, APEX Linvar deliver a professional service to all their customers, regardless of size. APEX’s broad customer base ranges from the very smallest company to multi-nationals, Amazon, Dunlop-Goodyear, Laddaw, P&O Ferries, Matalan, Marks & Spencer, Argos and TNT.

Holland Storage Systems designs and manufactures textiles for SpeedCell storage systems in Zeeland, Michigan, USA. HSS is part of the Holland Awning Group of Companies (HAG) who have over 90 years working experience with heavy duty, technical textiles. HAG’s other textile based products include returnable packaging and flexi-tanks.

See SpeedCell in action here:


Apex Linvar

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