As we all know 2011 has been a year of austerity with the Government being forced to make cuts across the board. This process has been mirrored in industry with companies reviewing all aspects of their businesses in order to reduce costs and maintain profitability. One manufacturer which has been helping the warehouse and logistics sector achieve their cost cutting objectives during 2011 is Zehnder Clean Air Solutions.

Manufacturers of highly efficient air filtration units which are designed to remove and control high dust concentrations within warehouse and logistics facilities, Zehnder Clean Air Solutions have been helping companies achieve savings of up to 70% on their cleaning costs with a comprehensive solution to dust management. And the potential monetary benefits don’t stop there. With improved indoor air quality sickness related absenteeism can be reduced by as much as 30%, and in large logistics centres and warehouses it is possible to achieve an additional benefit of forcing warm air downwards in the winter resulting in a verifiable reduction in heating costs of 20–30%.

Two companies which have discovered the benefits of dust removal in 2012 are Morrisons and DS Smith Packaging. With units installed within the temperature controlled area of their distribution centre Morrisons are now enjoying the benefits of clean air, and with units in their manufacturing and recycling areas DS Smith Packaging have achieved a dramatic reduction in airborne dust.

As part of their commitment to continuous improvement 2011 has also seen the launch of two new products for Zehnder Clean Air Solutions. Designed to provide more flexible and cost effective options for dust management the products have added an extra dimension to the overall product range.

The first is a new mobile air filtration unit, the Zehnder E1900 P, which is available for hire from Travis Perkins. Utilising the same unique Flimmer® filtration technique as the larger units, the Zehnder E1900 P can achieve an extremely high level of dust extraction and is designed to be used as a temporary solution to dust management as and when required. Lightweight and fully mobile the unit requires no ducting, and working at 110 volts can be simply and quickly installed for use.

The unit is also ideal for use where refurbishment or building work is taking place and in particular where unaffected parts of the building, i.e. the warehouse are still in everyday use. By installing the unit within the refurbishment area it stops dust escaping to the outlying working areas to ensure finished goods and equipment are not affected by dust accumulation. This reduces the need for deep cleaning after project completion and is particularly useful in the food and medical industries where hygiene standards are stringent.

In addition the clean air also helps improve the working environment for both site workers and on-site personnel, reducing occupational health risks and minimising disruption. With low running costs, low noise emissions and a prolonged service life with infrequent filter changes, the Zehnder E1900 P is an intelligent, efficient and economic solution to temporary dust management.

The second new product launched in 2011 is the Zehnder Flimmer E6000. With the 6000 reference relating to the volumetric air flow rate of the unit, the E6000 has been introduced to sit between the existing E3000 and E12000 units. Now with a comprehensive range of product sizes Zehnder are well equipped to tailor a dust management programme to suit the individual airflow requirements of any warehouse and to provide a cost effective solution to dust control.

Equipped with an EC fan, the latest development in energy efficient air circulation technology, and a tailor-made control box, the Flimmer units feature an alarm function for filter change (controlled on pressure drop), a programmable timer, easy to use variable speed control; 0-12000 m3/h depending upon unit, and an automatic motor protection for temperature, fire, power failure, etc.

Alongside the product changes Zehnder Clean Solutions have also undertaken a number of marketing initiatives during 2011 which include the revamping of their website –

As well as the technical and product information that you would expect from a manufacturer’s website the new site also incorporates a Zehnder Cost Calculator. Estimating the level of possible savings that could be achieved through the installation of Zehnder Flimmer units, the calculator asses current cleaning, heating and sick leave costs to give an indication of potential cost reductions.

One other initiative to note is the ‘Try Before You Buy’ offer. Giving businesses the opportunity to try Zehnder Clean Air Solutions free of charge for three months the offer enables you to experience the benefits of the products with no-obligation to buy. With just a couple more weeks to run the promotion finishes on the 31st January 2012, so please visit and sign up today.


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