After its most successful year to date, Rack Armour is now delighted to announce its involvement on the US show 21st Century Business aired on FOX and CNBC, the show highlights the most innovative products in new and existing markets. “The offer was too good to refuse” say’s Jenny Charlton, Director of Rack Armour, “When a show as big as 21st Century Business asks if you would like to appear on their show, you don’t turn it down”. The show is scheduled to air around the globe early January, and includes the latest innovations from the warehouse safety industry.

Rack Armour is also proud to announce its availability in over 50 Countries though its extensive network of distributors, “it’s a real testament to the product“ boasts Richard Nelson, Marketing Coordinator, “Our manufacturing centres in the UK,USA and Australia give us a great platform to provide our distributors, regardless of location.

Rack Armour has always had an impressive list of blue chip clients, from DHL to Disney, Rack Armour has helped reduce pallet rack damage in some of the biggest warehouses in the world.
Customer’s comments

“We had the Rack Armour system installed during the new build of our 888,000 sq ft distribution centre, the installation was flawless and now after 5 years, it has saved us tens of thousands of pounds in preventing damage to our uprights.

Just looking at the Rack Armour today you can see it has taken a lot of impacts and is still doing its job.

We have the lowest racking repair costs in the entire group, so I can easily recommend to anyone that it’s a very worthwhile exercise in fitting Rack Armour”

Dave Horton, Warehouse Engineer, DHL.

“Adapted to our health and safety process and procedure with no problems, I would recommend this product to any other company”

Andy Hatton, National Inventory Manager, Superdrug.

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