Thanks to new Plug&Play features for the highly productive Pick by Voice Suite topSPEECH-Lydia®, topVOX now fulfills the requirements of its customers in the logistics industry even better. Those customers are looking specifically for a system for speech-based personnel management in intralogistics that they can integrate with as little effort into their existing IT infrastructure. It is precisely this gap that topVOX fills with its Plug&Play solution.

The benefits of voice-directed work flow

The introduction of voice-based systems for personnel management, such as Pick by Voice, usually always pays off. High performance systems like topSPEECH-Lydia from topVOX optimally support the staff in the warehouse. Equipped with a headset and a mobile voice computer, the employee is guided through the individual work steps by Lydia via a voice dialogue. No more tedious fiddling with paper lists or hand-held scanners means the employee’s concentration is directed towards the key information in the work process. The result is that quality and efficiency in the work process is significantly increased. This also has a lasting impact, since fewer wrong deliveries leaving the warehouse means lower costs for processing complaints and returns. With the new Plug&Play package now even more companies have the opportunity to benefit from the advantages of speech-based personnel management.

Convertible for most standard processes

Nowadays the workflow in intralogistics complies with the same standards worldwide. topVOX takes this into account, as the most common standard processes are already configured for the Plug&Play system. This eliminates costly programming processes. However, should small adjustments in the voice dialogue be needed, topVOX is flexible enough to implement them quickly and easily. The integration of the Plug&Play system into existing IT structures also takes place quickly and smoothly.

Simple connection to WMS and ERP systems

The longstanding experience of topVOX has shown that consumers prefer standard interfaces for connecting voice systems to their WMS or ERP system. In the current Plug&Play package topVOX offers a standard interface that allows an easy connection to the leading IT systems. Time consuming programming processes for interface adaptation are now a thing of the past. In addition, topVOX offers various additional interfaces. A particular advantage of topSPEECH-Lydia is that the actual business logic of the speech application is located within the WMS/ERP. Thus adjustments or changes can be made by the customer and then automatically transferred from the voice system. This is particularly interesting for customers who use SAP. Changes in the process sequence are converted directly into SAP immediately by topSPEECH-Lydia®. The voice system does not have to be configured separately.

A large selection of reliable hardware

A Pick by Voice system is only as reliable as the associated hardware, and topVOX is able to draw on many years of experience with this. In the everyday life of the warehouse a particularly high demand is made on the robustness and resilience of the hardware. topVOX accordingly places great emphasis on the fact that only the most reliable hardware components are used. The customer has the choice whether he would prefer to have a mobile voice client from the major hardware manufacturers such as Honeywell/LXE and Motorola, or the small, robust VOXter voice computer from topVOX. topVOX offers reliable headsets suitable for a mobile computer that provide optimum communication quality for employees in any warehouse environment.

Go-live support included

In order to optimally support customers in the introduction of voice systems, topVOX offers comprehensive go-live support in its Plug&Play package which also includes on-site training for customers’ key users. And thus these customer employees can later train new colleagues in the system on their own. Thanks to the revolutionary speech recognizer, voice training is no longer required for new colleagues, so that employees are ready to go after a brief introduction to using the hardware and at the end of the voice dialogue. Furthermore, topSPEECH-Lydia is popular with employees due to its rapid and high performance speech recognition. Working with the virtual colleague is enjoyable for employees, since the system reliably recognizes voice commands and immediately responds to speech by the employee.

Quality from one source

Another benefit for customers is that topVOX offers all components contained in the Plug&Play package from one source. Whether it’s hardware and software components or services, with topVOX the customer has a single point of contact and reliable partner who responds promptly and expertly to customer requests.

Pick by Voice technology in affordable package

Andreas Finken, president of topVOX US, elaborates: “Since the convenient Plug&Play package from topVOX is based on standard components and processes, the adoption of voice is not only a snap but it’s also within everyone’s reach from a price standpoint. Particularly for small and medium sized businesses, topVOX offers the opportunity to take advantage of the benefits of voice-guided processes with its new solution package.”


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