Tough new development for display applications is a cost-effective alternative to pooling solutions.

Cabka, a leading provider of plastic pallets and containers, has launched a new, fully functional nestable quarter pallet made of plastic that tips the scales at just one kilo. This recyclable display pallet named CPP 090 offers a cost-effective alternative to customary pooling solutions.

Particularly for applications where space efficient product presentation at a point of sale is important, such as gas stations, and where the pallet is not packaged by the industry, but comes from distribution centers, this quarter pallet can be used in intralogistics very cost and space efficient.

This is where the CPP 090 is a smart solution beyond the beaten track logistics and without the otherwise inevitable complications with trade acceptance and pooling companies.

Furthermore, its very low price qualifies it as a quarter pallet for one-way applications.

Thanks to its low weight, handling at the Point of Sale (POS) is simplified to a significant degree and made safer. The special Cabka design can cope with dynamic load capacities of up to 300 kilograms. The CPP 090 also features all the positive characteristics of a modern plastic pallet such as freedom from maintenance as well as resistance to insect, bacterial and fungal attack. For the CPP 090, Cabka is offering to take back old pallets from customers as part of a generous exchange program. Together with the already attractive pricing, the CPP 090 represents a competitive alternative to conventional pooling solutions.

The CPP 090 quarter pallet  complements the range from light-weight CABKA plastic pallets, which are  suitable for display applications, as well as export or air cargo pallets. Whether half pallets, Düsseldorf pallets or every classic format is needed, CABKA offers solutions for almost every requirement.


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