Klimate High Speed Doors, a leading specialist designer and manufacturer of high speed doors, part of BID Group and based in the UK, has completed an installation at Iveco Ford’s Winsford Engine Warehouse facility.

Working alongside Iveco’s on-site facilities company, Klimate has installed three Ardent high speed doors in the despatch and training area within Iveco’s Winsford’s facility.  In addition Klimate’s sister company Bolton Industrial Doors, has installed a further two industrial doors, for security purposes.

The new Ardent high speed doors replace industrial doors that had become unreliable and inefficient in their operation demands.

Anthony Cotton from Iveco’s facilities company explains: “The previous doors were proving to be unreliable and costly leading us to reassess what door would be cost effective and efficient for Iveco.  Having the Klimate doors installed at other sites we manage, we have witnessed how they are cost effective and user friendly to operate. Therefore we recognised the potential they could bring to the day-to-day operations at Iveco.  The Ardent doors have not only enhanced the areas where they have been installed, through their quality and reliability but have also improved the working environment”.

The Ardent doors also provide valuable energy savings by minimising heat loss and benefit from low maintenance costs.  Due to the simplistic nature of the door and the fact that Klimate engineers are able to train personnel on the workings of the door, any minimal maintenance work can be quickly and easily undertaken in-house, drastically reducing on-going costs.

Klimate’s Chris Halsall reports “Iveco, working in partnership with their facilities maintenance company, are recouping the benefits from dealing with one supplier for their high speed door and industrial door requirements. By standardising the type of doors on site, maintenance teams get to know how to maintain and repair the doors, therefore eliminating costly down time and lost production”.

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