Jai Kudo is a dynamic, inspirational manufacturer of quality, contemporary styled eyewear and one of the largest stockist of ophthalmic prescription lenses in the UK, supplying to individual distributors and eyewear retailers throughout the world. In order to retain a competitive edge in such a fast moving market, they approached Conveyor Systems (CSL) to provide a handling solution that would increase the order picking efficiency for optical lenses from specially adapted vertical pick-to-light storage units. After considering a number of options, CSL was awarded the contract to design and purpose build a bespoke conveyor circuit that would improve the flow of products, quickly and efficiently transporting picked orders to awaiting packers and return empty carriers to the order picking face.

CSL provided a very cost effective design, using modular conveyors integrated into a circuit. Lenses are picked to order from vertical storage units and securely placed in special plastic tote carriers. These carriers are then placed onto close pitched powered roller lineshaft conveyor with low pressure accumulation that is ideally suited for protecting and smoothly transporting very fragile products. The lens tote carrier continues to be driven around the circuit to be halted at any one of four blade stops to be removed to packing stations for checking and placing in secure packaging for shipping.

From this point in the circuit, CSL incorporated gravity roller conveyor sections at a decline to cost effectively carry the empty lens tote carriers back to the order picking face to recommence the order picking sequence.

A spokesperson for Jai Kudo reported, “Conveyor Systems Ltd provided the technical support and know-how to provide a simple but cost effective bespoke solution to meet our needs within a given area. The system has contributed to increased efficiency as it has provided for an orderly flow of production in the order picking and packaging process, which is essential to maintaining our high standards of customer service in despatching product both accurately, securely and with in an accepted time period.”

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