2011 has been a busy year for Hörmann with a number of high profile projects completed, including two for Marks and Spencer and two for the Co-operative Group. One of the most complex builds was the new Spar distribution centre for James Hall and Company in Preston, where Hörmann installed 57 loading bays.

For the chilled and frozen bays, Hörmann worked with ISD cold stores to design a more efficient bay. The design involved installing double insulated DPU doors so that they close in front of the dock levellers and seal on to thermally insulated panels that form the dock leveller pits. As part of this effective design, the HTL-2 dock levellers were built with a 1200mm long telescopic lip to ensure safe contact with the vehicle bed, from their position within the warehouse.

To maintain the high levels of insulation while bringing more natural light into the cold store, quadruple glazed, full width panoramic vision panels have been chosen for this installation. Double and triple glazed options are also available depending on the level of insulation needed. Thermal breaks and GRP reinforced spacers ensure the required level of thermal efficiency is maintained, whatever, version is selected.

Attention to detail in the design process is backed up with an unparalleled product range that integrates seamlessly to maximise operational efficiency and safety. With energy and sustainability now very important considerations in all builds, Hörmann has continued to be at the fore-front in new product design and service.

The new ThermoFrame is an addition to the Hörmann range that further improves the thermal insulation of sectional doors. The device creates a thermal break between the door and the fabric of the building, increasing thermal insulation by as much as 20%, when fitted with SPU insulated doors and a dramatic 40% when fitted with the DPU door.

Adding to the design and planning service that Hörmann provide, the company is the first to publish independently audited environmental product declarations for multi-function and sectional doors, particularly important information for architects and designers.

As well as publishing this data, Hörmann has also created a free, online modular planning tool, the Energy Saving Compass. The six themed modules examine all the key aspects of energy saving that can be effected by industrial door systems and loading technology solutions.

The guide includes examples of well planned loading bays, examples of the options available and an energy loss calculator, that not only suggests optimal loading bay designs but also allows you to calculate cost savings and the likely payback time for any refurbishment or redevelopment.

This all encompassing service, from planning through to design installation and maintenance, coupled to the widest range of loading bay equipment, truly make Hörmann a one stop shop for all loading bay requirements.

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