Rigorous trials on Craemer CR3-5 plastic pallets at an ISO Test Centre provided the final overwhelming and comprehensive proof to Jordans Cereals, demonstrating that these plastic pallets were more than capable of providing safe storage and transit of bulk raw material products from their ingredients warehouse into the production areas.

When Jordans Cereals moved into new and improved warehouse facilities, they changed to storing product in a Very Narrow Aisle (VNA) 14m high bay racking system, so they had to be sure any pallets would be suitable and fit for purpose.

As their existing pool of plastic pallets had deteriorated due to ‘wear and tear’ over several years and suffered fork lift truck impact damage, these could not be safely used to transport or store product.

To ensure adequate load bearing capacity for safely handling Jordans1100kg FIBC’s, steel re-inforcement of some of the pallets was suggested. Other specification requirements included colours, corporate branding and a requirement for separate pallets to handle lighter loads of 25 kilo sacks up to around 900 kilos per pallet.

Craemer met the criteria

Pallet Manager Paul Andrews commented, ”In reviewing the tenders, Craemer was not necessarily the cheapest option, but they were very professional, providing ISO – QA assessment of materials used in manufacturing and in demonstrating their plastic pallet capabilities in trials. Craemer’s plastic pallets offered some good all round advantages.”

Craemer confidently proposed the use of three plastic pallets – the CR3-5 with metal re-inforcement, CR3-5 and CR-1, all of which had to be submitted to deflection tests and many trials in order to convince Jordans that the products would meet their stringent safety concerns.

Due to its structural features the five runner CR3-5 plastic pallet (1200 x 1000mm) was proposed for handling Jordans 1100kg FIBC’s. With integrated steel re-inforced profiles and unique anti-slip topdeck, the Craemer CR3-5 is the ultimate high strength perimetric plastic pallet providing for the highest stability and a load bearing capability of 1250kgs in a racking system. These plastic pallets were supplied in grey/blue colour with advisory text to clearly distinguish them from the CR3-5 1 tonne pallet, which was supplied in a red-brown base colour with blue antislip topdeck for handling of the lighter loads of 25 kilo sacks.

Jordans Pallet Manager Paul Andrews reported, “Craemer offered an excellent solution to meet all our requirements and their food grade plastic pallets performed impressively in trials. Their “destruction” tests involving impacts between the plastic pallets and fork lift trucks showed no damage to edges and corner blocks.

Craemer supplied a user-training guide for safe handling of pallets and scheduled returned visits to monitor pallet conditions in accordance with method of supply. They also organised an audit of their German production facilities for Jordans QC Team, who reported they were very impressed with Craemer’s professionalism and products. The Quality Management System is seamlessly implemented and well managed”


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