Welcome to the 15 December Warehouse & Logistics News. Merry Christmas to everyone reading this, and we hope you all manage to get the chance to have a proper break and enjoy yourself between now and the New Year.

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By the time this issue comes out, large swathes of UK business will be winding down for the Christmas break, but that doesn’t mean the ‘W&L’ world is allowed to stop, by any means. As our readers know all too well, our warehousing and logistics operations carry on 365 days a year, keeping the supply chains full.

A gritty lot, Britain’s warehouse and logistics industry thrives on a challenge. It’s certainly had to grit its teeth in the last twelve months, going by the stories and comments in the Warehouse & Logistics News Review of The Year 2011 supplement. Sent out with this issue and totaling 80 pages, the Review supplement is a big, big read and the biggest such supplement the warehouse and logistics world has seen for years. We hope you enjoy it.

2011 has been another tough year, with the continuing difficult national and international economic conditions. In this environment, a big part of the secret of success is to fight your way through and carry on, and fifty years in business adds up to enough economic cycles to give a very clear perspective.

As reported on our front cover, Forkway Group, the Yale Materials Handling distributor, is celebrating its first half century of success this Christmas. From a small business based in Buckinghamshire, Forkway now has branches in Amersham, Dewsbury, Doncaster and Southampton and supplies forklift trucks and warehouse equipment to over 2,000 live accounts across the UK and Ireland.

Forkway Chairman Martyn Fletcher, who also chairs the Fork Lift Truck Association, hosted a gala evening at the Bellhouse Hotel, Beaconsfield on Saturday 26th November, with guests including Forkway staff, partners, longstanding customers and suppliers.

Among those raising a glass to Forkway’s first fifty years were a number of very long serving customers, including some that were present at the quarter century celebrations in 1986. Forkway Chairman Martyn Fletcher was there then too as a member of the management team, having joined in 1985 as Sales Director.

We’d like to wish long life, good health and continued success to Forkway Group, and to everyone else reading this, too. Merry Christmas to all of you, and see you in 2012.

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