Carrylift, part of the CorpAcq Group, are delighted to announce that they have planted more than 21 acres of new native Woodland locking up over 3401.80 tonnes of C02 emissions in the UK through their Carbon Removal Truck Scheme.  All Nissan materials handling equipment supplied by Carrylift will have their carbon emissions removed for life thanks to Carrylift’s five year partnership with the UK’s leading woodland conservation charity, the Woodland Trust.

Carrylift is investing in Woodland Carbon from the Woodland Trust in certified native woodland carbon projects in the UK. A minimum of 21.6 acres of new native woodland will be planted annually in some of the charity’s 1,000 UK woods, locking up and storing more than 3,400 tonnes of CO2 each year.

Woodland Carbon

Woodland Carbon, from the UK’s leading woodland charity, creates much-needed native woodland across the UK. This new woodland permanently removes carbon from the atmosphere and protects biodiversity, provides new green spaces for people and prepares the landscape to deal with climate change.

The Woodland Carbon Code

Woodland Carbon is now certified under the Woodland Carbon Code a government approved certification scheme, launched in July 2011. Your business can now have full confidence in woodland projects, the way they are being managed and the amount of CO2 they are capturing. Woodland Carbon is an award-winning product, all projects are certified under the UK Government’s Carbon Code and all processes are audited by PricewaterhouseCoopers.

Business Benefits

Through our Carbon Removal Truck Scheme Carrylift will help your business mitigate the carbon from your trucks through Woodland Carbon. Enabling you to demonstrate to your customers and shareholders steps you are taking to reduce your emissions and to purchase responsibly.

We would love to talk to you about how Carrylift will help your business enjoy the benefits of our Carbon Removal Trucks.


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Carrylift are part of the CorpAcq Group

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