When the temperature drops working in a draughty manufacturing facility or workshop can be a very chilly experience, while costing building owners a fortune in heating that doesn’t actually keep anyone warm. If this sounds like your business and you have waste wood as a by-product of your operations, then a Fabbri heater from Euroheat could provide the solution.

The Fabbri is a wood biomass heater, suitable for burning all types of dry and secondary waste wood, like broken pallets. Fuel chambers are constructed of high grade stainless steel for long life and the whole unit is robust and simple. The heater’s flue can be fan assisted, which makes lighting easy, simple and short, with few restrictions on siting. Efficiency is high – around 83% – and heating starts 15 minutes after lighting.

Apart from keeping occupants warm, the Fabbri contributes to recycling, burning waste timber that would otherwise be sent to landfill – a perfect solution for businesses looking to keep warm and recycle this winter.


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