How much money did the heavy snow cost your company last year? Did the fast, heavy falls leave you struggling to get in and out of your yard, let alone make and accept deliveries? Don’t get caught out this year. The Forklift Snow Plough by Rackingplus will enable you to keep your premises and approach roads clear so you can keep working.

Fits most forklifts

This heavy-duty snow plough and yard scraper is a standard 1500mm wide and fits most forklift trucks. It has fork pockets with T-pinch bolts so you can attach it easily to your existing equipment.

Clear snow quickly

The concave blade is pivotal to make clearing snow easier and faster and the plough can be simply adjusted to move snow left, right or straight on. The 12mm-thick, reversible wear strip bolted to the base of the blade also helps to make light work of scraping yard and road surfaces.

A year round yard scraper

When it’s not snowing, you can use the plough as a general-purpose yard scraper to quickly clear debris. At just £650 (plus £50 for delivery) it’s a great investment to help keep your premises clear all year round, as well as avoiding your operations being paralysed by the snow.

Grit and accessories available

A range of items are available to accompany the Forklift Snow Plough. These include a grit bin for use in the plough at £25, grit at £5 per 5kg bag, an emergency shovel at £15 and a snow shovel at £15.

Richard Slator at Pedigree Pet foods says, “We used the Forklift Snow Plough from Rackingplus last year and it was fantastic. Even when there had been heavy overnight falls, we were able to get our premises cleared quickly and get back to work. It’s also been really useful the rest of the year and has helped us to keep a much tidier yard.”

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