Bulk handling specialist Flexicon Europe has developed a new Bulk Bag Filling Line that provides a highly efficient system for automating bag fill and palletisation in preparation for fork truck transfer of material to a downstream process or final packing in readiness for onward shipment to another plant. The new bag filling equipment can simplify and reduce bag filling times since it automatically dispenses the pallets, fills the bulk bags and then accumulates for removal by forklift.

The Flexicon system incorporates a dispenser which holds up to 15 pallets and a powered roller conveyor that removes the bottom-most pallet and positions it directly beneath the cantilevered fill head of the bulk bag filler. At the fill station an operator connects an empty bag to the four actuated bag strap hooks, seals the bag spout using an inflatable collar and presses a bag inflation button to initiate a seven-step automated filling sequence. This calls for delivery of material for either a Flexicon flexible screw or pneumatic conveyor, filling the bag at high rates initially before automatically reducing delivery speed as the target weight is approached.

When full, the bulk-bag filling line will vibrate the pallet to densify and stabilise the load, deflate the spout seal and automatically release the bag loops. The palletised load is released from the fill point and conveyed to an accumulation station to await removal by fork truck.

In designing the new bag filling line, Flexicon equipped the filler with a powered head height adjustment to ensure that it will accommodate all popular bag sizes, as well as incorporating a feed chute vent for dust-free air displacement during filling. An optional SWING-DOWN® fill head lowers and pivots to a vertical position, enabling operators to quickly connect empty bags at floor level.

As with most of Flexicon’s bulk handling systems the new Bulk Bag Filling Line is constructed to industrial, food, dairy and pharmaceutical standards. The simplicity in design enables it to integrate with existing systems as well as part of a new bulk handling operation.

The bulk bag filling line is the latest piece of equipment to join Flexicon’s comprehensive range of bulk handling solutions which includes flexible screw and pneumatic conveyors, bulk bag unloaders, bulk bag conditioners, bag dump stations, drum/box/container dumpers, weigh batching and blending systems.

Flexicon (Europe) Ltd

Mr. Alan Walton,

General Sales Manager

Tel: 01227 374710

Email: sales@flexicon.co.uk


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