When a leading European electrical wholesaler wanted to make a long-term commitment to Health & Safety at its new warehouse, they specified that only RapidShield – an instant cure UV-floor coating system – be used to create bay lines, pedestrian safe routes and floor safety signs. This was a bold decision, but one they were happy to make as it offered them massive operational cost savings and long-term safety benefits.

Boulanger is one of Europe’s leading electrical retailers specialising in home electronics and household appliances, which are sold through its 95 superstores and internet operation.

Safety is a key factor at all Boulanger stores and distribution centres, with long term visibility of safety lines and symbols being an important element. Boulanger knew that there would be safety implications at their latest new warehouse at Archen when lines and gangways became dirty and obscured by fork truck tyre marks. They were concerned that inevitably some sections of the warehouse would have to be regularly taken out of use for a few days, whilst faded lines were replaced. This was a costly and inefficient exercise.

In a forward thinking decision Management wanted to put an end to this ongoing uncertainty by agreeing a safety line performance warranty with a line marking contractor, tied in with long term cleaning and maintenance programs.

Boulanger’s main requirements were:

1) The specification to include floor logos and safety lines in a range of colours to create designated safety zones, fire extinguisher areas, zebra crossings, directional arrows and safe break-out/meeting areas.

2) All applied safety lines etc should be backed by a 5 year performance and cleanability warranty – supported by a rolling line maintenance schedule.

3) All markings must always remain highly visible to increase safety around the site, and be tyre mark resistant (Boulanger’s previous experience was that all previous lines become black after just 3-6 months)

4) Any section of a warehouse closed for the application of new lines must be completed quickly and handed back with only minimal disruption.

Confident that by using RapidShield UV-curable floor coating system for this work, line marking contractor TSM, was certain that they could meet this stringent specification and the contract was awarded to them. Boulanger’s management were convinced they had selected the best long-term partner as TSM were able to show a proven track record of success with RapidShield at many leading logistics and warehouse companies throughout Europe.

Once applied to a prepared, clean floor, RapidShield is cured instantly by a portable unit that emits UV-light, turning the coating into a solid film which creates a strong bond to the substrate. A durable, non-slip, gloss or matt finish with excellent chemical resistance is produced, which thanks to the fast cure can be used again within minutes.

RapidShield is odourless, contains no solvents or isocyanates or volatile organic compounds (VOCs). The system is fully compliant with VOC and HAP regulations, allowing normal work to continue while the floor coating is applied, and minimising disruption to the busy warehouse environment.

A variety of colours is available to create stop signs, pallet bay lines, and safety markings with all of the visibility, performance and cleanability properties required.

The initial application stage of this contract has now been completed during which TSM applied:-

1,100 x linear meters of zebra walk way in green.

1,800 x linear metres of 100mm wide yellow safety lines.

6 x large doorway zebra crossings.

350 sq.m. x meeting areas.

Plus numerous directional arrows, stop blocks, safety zones, and fire exits

Said Boulanger’s Facilities Director:  “Previously we had to shut down vast areas and deal with solvent smells and odours, as well as long drying times. TSM have worked very professionally and with RapidShield we have been offered much longer warranties and assurances and as a result we have been able to implement planned maintenance and cleaning programs. I am sure we made the correct decision – we are already seeing benefits that will save us money and provide a safety and clean environment for our staff.”

RapidShield’s European Floor Coating Business Manager, Derek Saville said: “It is always positive for a customer to tie-us in to a long-term, fully integrated line application and maintenance contract. They showed real commitment to safety and have a clear strategy of how they wanted their warehouse to run.’’

“Many companies usually pay the lowest possible price for their safety lines, but this is a false economy when you factor in the cost of having to repaint these lines every few months to keep within Health & Safety legislation. This is not always the fault of the warehouse user as new innovations have been slow to be pushed through to this key market sector.”

“Our customer is delighted with the results achieved at Archen and amazed by the speed in which we are able to hand back their warehouse. The hard, high gloss lines resist lift truck tyre marks much better than epoxy coatings and their ability to keep the new floor clean is also a major benefit.”



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