Industrial safety specialist Castell Safety International Ltd has developed a new Susie lock for its Salvo™ range of drive-away prevention products. The redesigned Salvo™ Susie features an ergonomic grip that enables the lock to be fitted to and removed from an articulated trailer’s emergency air line coupling more efficiently, especially in wet and cold conditions. This is in keeping with Castell’s product development strategy, which seeks to enable fast, safe access.

The new Susie has also been designed to provide enhanced protection against oil and grease, substances commonly found in the environment in which the lock is used.

Paul Marks, who recently joined Castell as new product development director, explained the thinking behind the new Susie: “Salvo™ is a highly successful system which now protects thousands of loading docks around the world. To build on this success, the new product development team investigated how we could improve the product’s ergonomics and usability. We decided that increasing the product’s ease of use could deliver major advantages to our customers. With its enhanced grip, the new Salvo™ Susie can be fitted and removed faster than before and the thermoplastic elastomer used provides higher levels of protection for the device.”

Jason Reed, Castell’s global Salvo business manager, commented: “The new Susie further strengthens the Salvo™ product range and will deliver real benefits for both new and existing Salvo customers in terms of usability and operational efficiency, important issues in today’s high-pressure logistics settings.”

Salvo consists of a mechanical key-holding cylindrical lock, which is attached to the articulated trailer’s emergency air line, and an electro-mechanical lock inside the warehouse, fitted to the loading bay door. This system establishes a procedural link between the trailer and the bay door, forcing the driver to immobilise the trailer prior to the door being opened. If the trailer is not locked in place, loading cannot begin.

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