AGV systems or automated guided vehicle systems are unmanned transport systems that automatically transfer goods in between two places. AGVs can safely transport all types of products without human intervention within production, logistic, warehouse and distribution environments: the clear way to reduce costs and to increase efficiency and profitability.

Egemin’s AGV systems comprise reliable off-the-shelf components. However, we always tailor our AGVs to meet your requirements. Automated guided vehicles lift, rotate and move your goods, transfer loads to and from racks, store products in deep stack lanes, transport products across long distances, deliver onto conveyors or floor location, etc. Vehicle types include forklift, unit load equipped with conveyors, clamp, VNA, tugger or custom handling AGVs.

Application Specialist

Egemin Automation is one of the world leading suppliers of standard and custom-made automated guided vehicle systems (AGV systems) for specific applications, material handling flows and dedicated operations. Our automated guided vehicles offer an efficient solution for a wide range of applications:

» Receiving

» Production transport

» End-of-line automation

» Warehouse storage

» Point-to-point delivery

» Roll handling

» Finished goods storage & distribution

» Automatic truck loading

Market niche focus

Our AGV solutions are used in the most diverse types of industries. We focus however on the industries with high added value for AGV systems:

» Distribution & logistics

» Food & Beverage

» Pharmaceuticals

» Paper & Print

» Tobacco Industry

» Hospitals

Other material handling products & solutions

The AGV systems of Egemin Automation are part of our wider range of warehouse and distribution solutions. These solutions also include automatic warehouses, order picking systems, conveyor and sorting solutions, warehouse management and control software. All are integrated into one major automated warehouse and distribution concept that handles both the material and information flows in warehouses from A to Z.

For environments with high internal transport throughputs over long distances, then Egemin’s in-floor chain conveyor systems offer a good solution. In-floor chain conveyors consist of a chain conveyor loop integrated in the floor and controlled by a drive unit. Products are transported across the chain on product carriers like hand pallet trucks, roll containers, trolleys, platform trucks or custom-made carriers. Products are guided and sorted across the conveyor system through intelligent control software. They are the perfect fit for transport and sorting applications in cross-docking centres, distribution and mail sorting centres, auctions, production environments, etc.


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