Russell Fowler, Chairman & CEO of FuelDefend Global Ltd, reflecting on the growth of NeckIt! to become to the world’s leading premium fuel anti-siphon device, pulls out an article from over four years ago.  “We’ve kept the product the same, but improved our pricing – and it’s why we continue to gain major names from logistics.”

Here is the article:

Gist, the supply chain management company that is a member of the Linde Group, has fitted every one of its 1,000-strong fleet with Neck-It! anti-siphon devices.

Operating from 35 locations around the UK and with a high profile portfolio of blue chip clients, Gist says the decision formed part of its normal due diligence strategy to protect operations from the potential problem of fuel theft.

After testing several anti-fuel theft devices and putting the fleet contract out to tender Gist chose the Neck-It! system because it provided the optimum balance of purpose, price and engineering.

Engineering Director Sam de Beaux says that although the task was completed as part of an act of faith as the company’s fleet fuel management had not detected any instances of fuel theft, the subsequent tampering with a couple of the units perhaps indicated a frustrated attempt to steal fuel.

“Whilst it is impossible to quantify any financial savings that we may have made as a result of fitting the fleet with anti-fuel theft units I am happy to justify the decision in terms that it was a practical and sensible step to take to remove the risk of fuel theft,” he says.

Russell Fowler, CEO, says he is delighted that Gist has joined the long and growing list of transport operators fitting the devices to their vehicles and believes many others will soon follow their example.

He comments: “With the support of customers like Gist we have made a terrific start and expect that 2007 will be another year of massive growth as the problem of fuel theft shows little sign of diminishing and transport operators recognise the need to find ways to prevent it in ever greater numbers.

“We are happy to let potential customers have test units to try because we know the system works and are confident it is the only truly practical solution currently available to tackle and overcome the problem of fuel theft.”

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