Fuel theft happens everywhere. It may be an external or an internal problem. In may happen on the road, or in the depot, and two major West African operators illustrated different types of theft.

The giant global shipping company Maersk contacted Russell Fowler three years ago, recognising they had fuel theft occurring across a range of quayside vehicle types. “We sent a few trial NeckIt! models and within a few days of arrival Maersk came back delighted and with an order for their fleet of vehicles. Maersk have continued to make orders and have proved to be an excellent reference site for us in West Africa,” says Russell Fowler, CEO of FuelDefend Global Ltd.

And by coincidence at the same time, NeckIt! was being trialled by Coca-Cola Hellenic Bottling Company, distributors of Coke Cola around the vast and often dangerous Nigerian countryside. Ten units were trialled extensively over a couple of months and the stakes were big, with CCHBC operating a fleet of over 1,000 Mercedes trucks. “Clearly, CCHBC were very impressed and made a single order to protect their entire fleet and, “Fowler continues,” reassuringly, they have continued to re-order.”

Having established itself as an effective and trusted partner FuelDefend now supplies various products into CCHBC, acting as a global sourcing unit. In such a harsh environment as Africa NeckIt! has proved its worth and paid for itself many times over.

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