Special Olympic events added to Awards for Excellence 2012.

Announcing the opening of nominations for the Awards for Excellence 2012, the Fork Lift Truck Association has launched seven new, one-off Olympic categories.

According to FLTA chief executive David Ellison: “We couldn’t let this unique occasion pass without some acknowledgement. These special categories have been added to inject a bit of fun without compromising the integrity and authority of our established awards categories. However, we have also introduced a special Award to commemorate the Association’s 40th Anniversary: the Victor Ludorum – to identify and acknowledge the outstanding contribution achieved in the 18 years of the Annual Awards for Excellence.

David Ellison says: “Every Award encourages and rewards those who aim high and excel. This one-off Award is the ultimate prize.

Encouraging companies to enter themselves, Mr Ellison said: “Nominating a product, service or individual couldn’t be easier – and there is real kudos in joining the ranks of our Pick of the Year. To be eligible a new product or service needs to have been made available for purchase from 1st October 2010 to 30th September 2011.”

Nominations are now invited for the Ergonomics, Environment, Safety and Innovation categories together with the Safe Site Award. Application forms and further guidance on nominations can be found at: www.fork-truck.org.uk/awards.

But be quick! The deadline for entering in these categories is 30th September 2011.

Special categories for 2012

Ahead of the London Games, the FLTA is inviting manufacturers to enter four special Olympic categories:

Weight Lifting The heaviest lift truck

High Jump The highest lift with a duplex mast

Triple Jump The highest lift with a multi-stage mast

Sprint The fastest lift

In the spirit of the broader, cultural Olympics, the FLTA have also created categories for owners and operators of fork lift trucks:

Marathon The longest journey under a truck’s own power

Veteran The oldest in-service truck

Gymnastics The most unusual fork lift truck photograph*

*The FLTA promotes safety awareness. Images showing unsafe practices will not be considered.

Nominations for the Awards for Excellence 2012 as well as for the Fork Lift Truck Olympics can all be made at the FLTA website www.fork-truck.org.uk/awards.

Winners will be announced at a glamorous ceremony on Saturday 18th February at the Hilton Metropole hotel, Birmingham.

Fork Lift Truck Association


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