When Pullman Fleet Service asked Aide Automotive for a solution enabling them to protect against fuel theft from a fleet of 400 Carrier and Thermoking refrigerated trailer fuel tanks, they didn’t expect a new bespoke fuel anti-siphon device to be designed, prototyped, tested, manufactured and delivered to their depot within 25 days.

Matt Burke, MD of Aide Automotive contacted his anti-siphon (ASD) supplier immediately. A set of four new ASD models would be required to win the contract. Working together closely Aide Automotive, Terry Winter, FuelDefend’s Operations Director and the company’s Chinese partners managed just this, far exceeding the expectations of Pullman and Iceland. By using FuelDefend’s design, prototyping and testing capabilities in the UK and China, they were able to work around the clock and over weekends to design four completely new models. The new reefer models help maintain the company’s product offering as the best range in the world – across a vast wide range of tanks and neck sizes for trucks, buses and vans as well as plant and machinery.

“The customer service was outstanding with regular director visits to site and I was able to satisfy the operator and Iceland with some superb, market-leading, cost effective ASDs,” says Clive Peachey, then of Pullman. “Seeing five companies working closely together was superb, and demonstrates how a collaborative approach to a significant problem can produce quick and highly effective results.”

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