Dialight’s DuroSite® LED High Bay offers superb performance, energy efficiency, maintenance savings in cold storage applications.

Highly regarded for their maintenance-free, energy efficient operation and environmental friendliness with 30,000 fittings installed to date, Dialight’s LED lighting solutions effectively overcome the most vexing challenges surrounding traditional HID and fluorescent lighting in cold storage applications.

The Dialight LED Advantage

In the harshest environments, the Dialight DuroSite High Bays deliver a substantial energy savings by virtue of their drastically reduced electricity consumption compared to traditional fittings.

Aside from the energy savings and related environmental improvements, the unique technology deployed in the Dialight High Bay makes these innovative fittings particularly well-suited to cold storage applications with a number of distinct advantages over typical conventional lighting.

Superior performance in cold temperatures: Unlike traditional fittings, Dialight’s white LEDs actually deliver 20 percent more     light output in cold temperatures, as the ambient temperature keeps the fittings cooler, allowing them to operate more efficiently.

Instant on: Dialight High Bays deliver optimum light instantly, eliminating the warm-up period needed for most conventional fittings, which is often exacerbated by cold temperatures. This not only improves safety and operational efficiency but also enables the use of motion/occupancy sensors to activate the lights only when needed for significant additional energy savings. The lifetime of Dialight’s LED fittings is also unaffected by the frequency of switching on and off, unlike conventional fittings.

Minimal heat output: Dialight LEDs produce a fraction of the heat emitted by conventional fittings to dramatically reduce the     strain on cooling systems, improving energy efficiency here as well. In addition, less heat means lower risk of condensation buildup that can result in dangerous icicle formations that must be removed and pose a safety threat to workers.

Smaller profile for improved air flow: With a form factor less than half the height of most conventional fittings, and the         smallest on the market, the Dialight LED High Bays eliminate turbulence that can result in pockets of warm air. The low profile design also allows the fittings to be mounted closer to the ceiling (using existing wiring) for less interference with air flow.

With energy savings of up to 75 percent, and a potential ROI payback period of less than two years, the Dialight LED High Bay offers powerful cost-saving incentives to make the switch to LED. Factor in the extended life – up to 10 years maintenance-free backed by Dialight’s five-year full-performance warranty – and Dialight LED solutions offer a clear advantage over traditional lighting solutions in cold storage applications.

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