Welcome to the 1 September issue of Warehouse & Logistics News. We hope you’ve had a good summer and had the chance to get away and relax, unlike our poor politicians who had to interrupt their holidays due to pressing concerns at home (‘Yes, but how many weeks off do THEY get?’)

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As the UK recovers from the recent riots, the warehouse and logistics industry is playing an important role in the process of helping the affected areas return to normal. The Government’s recently announced riot recovery programme promises a much-needed bonus for the industry. Which is good news indeed.

If you’ve been away, we can help you catch up. In this issue we’ve got all the latest industry news and special features on Pallet Networks, Buildings and Facilities and the Loading Bay. Pallet Networks is a review of the major European, UK and regional pallet networks, Buildings/Facilities looks at Main structures and key equipment including temporary structures, and the Loading Bay includes industrial doors, dock levelers and dock lifts.

Going back to the riot recovery David Cameron has pledged £10m to help councils make affected areas clear, clean and safe again, and announced a parallel £20m high street support scheme. Both these areas will involve the warehouse and logistics industry literally delivering the goods.

Because it is so essential, the warehouse and logistics sector continues to be one of the driving forces in the UK economy, which otherwise continues to falter. Retail sales grew only slightly in July as cash-strapped consumers remained under pressure. Consumer spending continues to be affected by a combination of higher inflation, now 4.4%, job losses and limited wage rises. UK unemployment rose 38,000 to 2.49 million in the three months to June and of course doesn’t include the growing number of interns and people on work experience, all working free for their employers and not counting in the figures.

So what’s going to happen next in our economy? There are lots of people out there who’ll offer you a prediction. If you don’t have uber investor George Soros’ number, there’s always Ernst & Young’s ITEM Club, the only non-governmental economic forecasting group to use the Treasury model. In its latest forecast, ITEM says that while world trade and UK exports have recovered to pre-recession levels, global financial uncertainty is holding back the business investment we so badly need to take full advantage of growing overseas markets. ITEM forecasts UK GDP growth of just 1.4% for 2011, but is confident that once the European sovereign debt crises are resolved, business confidence will return and the economy will strengthen. So here’s to that happy development.

Have a successful month.

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