Lloydspharmacy has invested in state-of-the-art vehicle tracking from leading specialist Navman Wireless.

Navman Wireless’ system will enable the community pharmacy and healthcare provider to maximise fleet productivity and optimise fuel efficiency, while helping to cut down on planned maintenance and ensure legislative requirements are met.

Karine Bartle, for Lloydspharmacy, said: “Navman provides us with another tool to better manage our home delivery fleet. We now have increased visibility of our vehicles, which supports both fleet optimisation and efficiencies”

The technology will be installed in 400 vehicles, which deliver prescription products from more than 1,650 pharmacies across the UK.

Following a comprehensive procurement process, Lloydspharmacy chose Navman Wireless over competing solutions, based on its industry reputation and the proven effectiveness of its system in operation.

Lloydspharmacy initially ran a 30-vehicle pilot over a six-month period. The range of features, the system’s reliability and proven ROI ensured Navman Wireless’ success over its competitors, leading to a roll out across the entire fleet of 400 vehicles.

Steve Blackburn, European Vice President, Navman Wireless, added: “Lloydspharmacy dispenses more than 156 million prescriptions a year. The company is built on customer trust and likewise seeks suppliers that it can depend on. We’re proud to be helping Lloydspharmacy to maintain a healthy and productive fleet.”

Navman Wireless

Tel: 0845 521 1188


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