The Widdowson Group, a leading provider of logistics services based in Leicester, has recently expanded its contract packing operation to provide an enhanced service to its rework customers. The company has also announced a significant 90% increase in turnover for the Contract Packing Division.

The comprehensive changes to the contract packing operation include an extension to its facilities and a complete interior redesign of the workspace to support new working processes.

Clarke Robinson is the Operations Manager of the Widdowson Group, he explains the reason for continued investment in this important part of the Group’s business, “Over the last few years we have worked hard to build on our reputation for product customisation and we are constantly looking for ways to improve our service.

“The expansion of our premises has grown the dedicated contract packing area to a total of 65,000 sq ft increasing our capacity and flexibility. The new interior layout and working processes have been put in place to promote a smarter style of working; increasing both workflow and accuracy whilst eliminating process waste.

“We now have a continual flow of products coming into the division, being reworked and going straight out again. In our new working environment the contract packing team control the warehouse intake, administrative functions, picking, locating, inventory control and pre-production planning.

“As a result we are reaping the rewards in terms of productivity and performance which of course, we are passing on to our customers to give them not only an improved service but also even better value for money.”

The Contract Packing Division has increased turnover by 90% and recorded its best year to date.  Considerable volumes of work resulted from business won at exhibitions and as a result of special promotions around events such as the World Cup and Christmas. Robinson concludes, “We have been very busy in the early months of 2011 and our pipeline of potential business is looking really healthy with increased volume indications for Christmas.

“In spite of our success we are not resting on our laurels and are currently working towards a higher BRC Global Standard for Consumer Products accreditation. We currently hold Consumer Group 3, but for 2012 we aim to achieve Consumer Group 4.”

A.M. Widdowson & Son

Tel: 0116 232 2666


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