As the Presswood Pallet celebrates its 40th birthday it coincides with a subdued global economic outlook. Such times naturally have a great bearing on packing and palletising methods due to reduced volumes of orders. While some companies will continue using ‘standard’ Euro or UK size pallets it means the loads being packed are smaller than usual yet the pallet still occupies the same space in the packing area and during transit. The waste is obvious; an over-size and more expensive pallet, taking up excessive space. As the range of Presswood pallets include half and even quarter-size pallets it provides users with the better priced options of smaller pallets, saving money all round. Amazingly, Inka (the UK Distributor of the Presswood pallet for 25 years) offers new ‘display-sized’ pallets that are still cheaper than the average cost of a pint*!

Inka’s half-euro pallets (600 x 800mm), for which Inka can also offer from their range of plastic pallets, are an ideal alternative that help save space, time and money. While taking up less space they can still be handled two-at-a-time by hand pallet truck or fork lift truck. Therefore, while there is no extra handling or lifting required the pallets can be fully loaded with goods and two half-pallets handled as one; yet as they progress through the supply chain it means there is no unnecessary re-packing and the two pallets can separate and go onwards to different destinations.

Their convenient size also means that the pallets are ideal as a base for point of sale display and have been specifically chosen to help enhance the finished in-store product display. While the solid top-deck will prevent any ingress of dirt (or pests) from the underside, it facilitates a variety of attachment methods of the box to the pallet; from staples to glue. The pallets can even be routed or drilled at the factory to work with a dedicated box. Importantly, their acceptability as a Point-of-Sale base has been recently endorsed by Lidl and Aldi who are now pleased to accept products delivered to their stores packed on Presswood pallets.

The ‘display’ size pallets are also very popular within the Electronics and Engineering industries. Their cleanliness and low moisture content provide valuable benefits, and the solid deck allows engines and assembled units to be individually packed ensuring their complete safety and protection. Furthermore, as Presswood pallets meet ISPM15 regulations as standard it allows them to be used freely for worldwide exports without special treatment or certification.


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