The integration of the Light Grille non-contact safety device, into the door frame is now standard with all Hörmann fast action doors. Introduced with the new insulated high speed spiral door for level access bays, the integrated light grille constantly monitors the door opening up to a height of 2.5 metres. With this device there is therefore no need for moving or battery powered safety devices, making maintenance easier and collision damage less likely.

Integration of safety features is one way of improving safety while adding to both operational and energy efficiency. For instance, with the HS7030 spiral door, for level access bays, the light grille allows higher speed operation, keeping the insulated door closed for longer periods. Also the tracked spiral design minimises wear and tear while optimising travel, adding to longevity and secure operation.

Taking integration a step further the Hörmann Dock Control is a comprehensive safety control system that links the loading door and dock leveller controls to proximity sensors and a warning traffic light system.

In operation, a new dock buffer with proximity sensor guides a vehicle onto a loading bay via the external traffic light system. Once on the bay, as an additional safety feature, a wheel chock, with an internal sensor, needs to be correctly positioned before the loading bay controls will operate.

When the vehicle is docked securely, the internal red traffic light flashes to indicate that the door can be opened. Only when the door is opened, will the dock leveller controls operate. The dock leveller then controls the traffic light system.

Should the vehicle move or the wheel chock become displaced, an alarm sounds and the loading lights turn to red immediately. In the event the vehicle should pull off the bay whilst there is a load on the dock leveller platform, the emergency stop valve will automatically lock the platform in position.

The sequence reverses after loading, with the door only able to operate once the dock leveller is correctly parked. When the door is closed the external amber light flashes to indicate that the wheel chock can be removed. With the door secure and the chock removed the external light returns to green.

In order to maximise safety and efficiency, planning is the key. Whether a refurbishment or new build, Hörmann has the knowledge and expertise to develop the right solutions to suit your operational requirements.

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