When it comes to powering your fork lift trucks there may be three options; Electricity, Diesel and LPG, but with impressive environmental advantages and cost savings, Flogas believes there is one clear choice – LPG.

With global warming an increasing concern, it’s reassuring to know that LPG offers a significantly greener option than Diesel and Electricity. A 2009 study by Carbon Trust Energy and Conversions, found LPG  produced 0.214 kg CO² per KWHR, whilst electricity produced 154% more times CO² with 0.544 KG CO² per KWHR and diesel 18% more than LPG producing 0.253 CO² per KWHR.

The market is starting to take notice of both the environmental and economical advantages of LPG, with sales of LPG fuelled trucks overtaking sales of diesel models for the first time in 2010.

In addition to the environmental benefits, LPG has other clear cost advantages over other fuel types; LPG fork lifts tend to be cheaper to buy than both alternatives, and they’re significantly cheaper to run than electric, which require costly recharging units and batteries. Being cleaner burning than diesel also results in less wear and tear on the engine, bringing significant savings on maintenance and replacement parts.

LPG is easier to store; electric trucks require specific areas for battery charging and loading whilst diesel supply presents risks of spillage, theft or contamination. LPG fork-lifts are quick to refuel and operational 24/7, with no costly downtime. They also offer consistent performance, easily coping with steep and uneven terrain and can be used indoors and outdoors. All year usage is guaranteed, whereas power cuts will undoubtedly affect electric fork-lifts.

As the second largest LPG supplier in the UK, Flogas positions itself as a people-led business developing a reputation for building lasting relationships with its customers. Sales & Marketing Director, Lee Gannon tells us: “Flogas aims to provide our customers with the highest level of service, meeting all of your fuel needs with our flexible approach and value for money LPG solutions.”

Mr Gannon explains the benefits of choosing Flogas: “Flogas offers flexible solutions based around your needs. For sizeable operations, a bulk supply is often the easiest and most cost-effective solution. We’ll install storage tanks on your premises and train staff on refuelling. Our automatic top-up service means you won’t need to order gas as we’ll estimate your usage and deliver accordingly. For additional peace of mind we have a 24-hour emergency team on call, and we’ll regularly test and maintain your tank. If you don’t have the space or need for a bulk supply then we can also supply cylinders.”


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  1. trying to find replacement radiants for a superser MINI calor gas heater can you help????????

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