NFT, the UK’s leading provider of chilled logistics within the food retail and manufacturing sectors, announces its £16m investment strategy for its flagship Daventry depot is complete. This final phase, which officially concluded this week, includes a £2m expansion project, which has added a new 120,000 ft sq chill store to the site.

This extension takes NFT Daventry’s capacity to 20,000 pallets within 200,000 sq ft, equating to space for – on average – 40million stock-keeping units (SKU’s) of typical retail pre-packed chilled products. It is a further step forward in NFT’s vision to provide a cutting edge shared-user network to enhance its existing operational capabilities.

The peak throughput to date has been approx 1.5- 2.0 million cases per week, with a stockholding capacity of 10,000-12,000 pallets. This equates to an average of 20 million products going through its Daventry network per week.

Since opening in late 2008, the depot has attracted 16 major brands in the industry and NFT’s success in securing new business and growing existing contracts was a key driver in the need for the expansion, which was commissioned back in November 2008.

Standout achievements this year, so far include, a new three-year contract with Greencore Group plc; a leading international manufacturer of convenience foods, and an extension to the existing Nom contract, just over a year into the three-year deal. The Nom contract alone sees NFT transporting around 5.7m pots of Nom yogurt a day. Other customers include; Forza,Yoplait, and Gü to name but a few.

A cornerstone of NFT’s attraction is its specialist deep chill (at -1°C) facility, which is located in a separate chamber within the facility to maximise picking and transport efficiencies.

Daventry is a pioneering depot in terms of its ability to handle deep chill in addition to chilled and ambient, with no other known, comparable multi-temperature site in the UK.

Dale Fiddy, NFT’s Sales & Marketing Director says: “It’s great to have the extension completed on schedule and this development heralds a great time for NFT in terms of our business development activity. We pride ourselves on being a full service logistics provider and our investment into the Daventry depot means that it is an excellent showcase of all that we can offer; merging state-of-the-art technology and added-value services with unrivalled knowledge, expertise and infrastructure. The additional capacity that this investment affords our overall operational capability makes us well-placed to fulfill all customer requirements, both new and existing.”

NFT is the UK’s leading provider of chilled logistics solutions for the food retail and manufacturing sectors, providing primary and secondary chilled services through their transport, warehousing and logistics solutions.

NFT delivers over 120,000 pallets of chilled food each week, travelling to almost every major UK retailer every day. NFT has more than 1,600 employees, and runs more than 370 articulated vehicles across the business, covering over 1.4 million kilometers every week.

Dale Fiddy

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