Union Industries, the UK market leading manufacturer of industrial rapid roll Hi-Speed Doors, has helped Haydens Bakery put the icing on the cake of its new distribution division.

The Leeds-based company has installed five Matadoors at the new facility in Devizes, Wiltshire, which operates under the Hopton Distribution brand. The company has, for a number of years, operated one of Union’s Bulldoors on its site, which has proven a success.

Haydens’ new distribution centre is part of the company’s ongoing expansion programme. Formed in 1976 in Marlborough, Hayden’s moved to its current location in Devizes in 1996 and is now a division of the Real Good Food Company.

The Hopton’s brand will initially distribute Hayden’s products to customers including lines such as Yum Yums, Danish Pastries, Tarts and Pies and Crumbles.

Within the distribution centre, four of Union’s rapid-roll doors are being utilised to create two airlock operations between the distribution centre’s chilled and ambient areas. Operated by radar motion sensors, the air lock doors have a 1.6 metre per second operating speed which ensures hygiene standards are maintained at the highest level. The doors prevent the ingress of any external contaminants and help maintain the strict temperature controls of the chilled areas.

The fifth door is located between a chilled and ambient store area and, like the other Matadoors on the site, is in regular use by vehicles transporting the company’s range of fine dessert and cake products.

In common with the other doors in the range, the Matadoors feature Union’s highly-regarded ‘Crash-Out’ damage protection facility, which ensures that they remain operable if the bottom beam is hit by a speeding vehicle. This proven system, which has been a central attribute of Union’s doors for over 20 years, drastically reduces repair costs and guarantees minimal down-time if the door is impacted by traffic such as forklift trucks.

Will Clarke, Chief Engineer at Haydens Bakery, said: “The reliability of the Bulldoor operating in our existing facility played a big part in choosing the Matadoors for the new distribution centre. Maintaining a consistent flow of traffic is essential to the productivity of the centre, which needed reliable automated doors that require minimal maintenance.”

Chris Pierce, Sales Engineer at Union Industries, said: “Our range of fast acting doors has established an excellent reputation in the food production and storage sectors. Together with their reliable operation, the doors enable our customers to meet strict hygiene requirements, which are essential in the food and drinks industry. Haydens has created an impressive distribution centre and we are proud it features Hi-Speed Doors from ourselves at Union Industries.”

Union Industries

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