Welcome to the 15 June Warehouse & Logistics News. Reckon you work hard and deserve a break? Take a leaf from the Duke of Edinburgh. Talking on TV just before his ninetieth birthday, Britain’s longest serving royal consort reckons he’s done his bit and it’s time to wind down and reduce his workload. The rest of you slackers, get on with it!


In a busy issue we’ve got features on Consultancy, Doors, Curtains and Loading Bays and Power Sources. We have exclusive interviews with Logistics Site Services, the flooring services specialists behind the highly innovative ‘DOCPADS’ alternative to trailer plates, and @logistics Reply, the WMS experts bringing on demand cloud computing’s accessibility to supply chain solutions.

And our History of the Forklift truck has reached 1970, the year the Beatles broke up and Lansing Bagnall launched their used truck business.

In the UK, Fiat and Kenwood, and in Europe, Geodis Wilson, the freight forwarders and international logistics company Italsempione are among those running their warehouses on @logistics Reply’s WMS solutions. And as we move further into the era of on-demand cloud computing, @logistics Reply is making news here too with SideUp, its innovative ‘software as a service’ (SaaS) solution.

Logistics Site Services’ DOCPADS are an inlaid pad system made of bespoke resin blends which give a flush fitting, non-slip dock leveller plate and offer a unique alternative to trailer plates, the traditional means of preventing trailer ‘creep’ and costly floor damage in goods yards. Customers to date include a major UK crisp manufacturer, who has installed them in one of their factories and a distribution centre, and now wants them at every site.

In our Power Sources feature, thanks to a combination of demand for ‘greener’ energy solutions from major fleet operators, and innovation by the battery and charger manufacturers, LNG suppliers and truck manufacturers, the market for power sources for industrial trucks has been going through a revolution almost unnoticed. And the same choices are increasingly also available to forklift users with just one or two trucks.

In our Doors, Curtains and Loading Bays review, a major focus in recent months is improved insulation of distribution warehouses, says Alan Jenkins, Commercial Director of Hormann UK. He mentions 3PLs becoming increasingly concerned about rising energy costs and ensuring their buildings meet environmental standards, and developers also wanting to achieve maximum thermal efficiency.

Finally, in our Consultancy feature, our anonymous insider reckons that given the amount of trust placed in consultants, a good relationship is essential. He says the ideal situation is a working partnership based upon gain/share – not just about current, one-off projects but looking at future challenges. Do you agree? If not, tell us!

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