PPS Midlands, a leading service supplier and washer of returnable transit equipment (RTE) to the food sectors has recently diversified by securing two new washing contracts for companies involved in supplying the automotive industry. One of these companies supplies fuel filters for the automotive and heavy duty markets, whilst the other is a key player in fastener distribution services and inventory management solutions.

In both cases, returnable plastic boxes are used to transport and store high value components – filters and industrial fasteners – and therefore, these need to be washed after each use to avoid contamination from residual greases, oils or other foreign bodies that may remain in the boxes.

Operating from Measham – just north of Birmingham, PPS Midlands offers contract washing at its state-of-the-art industrial wash facility handling a range of different box types of varying dimensions, plus plastic pallets. With a long experience of washing to the exacting standards of the food, retail and pharmaceutical industry, providing traceable data and swab test results for all boxes washed, PPS Midlands could more than adequately meet the high standards of cleanliness as required by these two new customers.

PPS Director Iain McArthur reported, “The core business of our two sites in the Midlands and Grimsby are connected to the supply of returnable transit equipment such as plastic crates, boxes and pallets, which may include equipment rental, pooling services, online asset tracking and of course contract washing. When approached by these two suppliers to the automotive sector, we were able to demonstrate our capability and it quickly became clear that they were impressed by our level of knowledge of industrial scale washing gained over many years within the hygienic food industry.”

PPS is shortly to embark on a marketing initiative within the UK automotive sector offering wash, equipment management and pooling services mainly to component suppliers.

PPS Midlands

Iain McArthur, Director

Tel: 01530 515333


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